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Why Choose LED lamps over CFLs?
LED lamps typically use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). A good LED lamp can generate twice as many lumens per watt as a CFL (50-100+ versus 40-80).
Less greenhouse gas emissions from power plants
Lower electric bills
LED lamps last much longer than CFLs, as much as 10x longer (50,000 hours versus 5,000 hours).
Fewer spent lamps in the landfill
Less frequent lamp purchasing/changing, especially important for hard-to-reach lamp locations
LED lamps generate less heat than CFLs.
Decreased load on Air Conditioning systems
Reduced danger of burns from touching lamps
Reduced fire hazards
LED lamps typically are RoHS compliant, meaning that they have no or at most negligible amounts of hazardous substances within the scope of that compliance (lead, cadmium, mercury, ...).
Virtually no risk of environmental contamination
No risk of personal exposure to hazardous materials
LED lamps tend not to have unpredictable failure modes. There are stories of CFLs catching fire, emitting smoke and odors, exploding, etc. LED drivers are not nearly as unstable and usually fail by just no longer supplying power to the LEDs themselves.
Virtually no risk of fire/smoke/odor
LED lamps emit no Infrared or Ultraviolet radiation. CFLs (and tubular fluorescent lamps) generate light by exciting the Mercury vapour inside the lamp with electricity, generating Ultraviolet radiation
No personal exposure to Ultraviolet radiation, which can cause cell damage
Artwork and other sensitive items are not degraded as a result of exposure to Ultraviolet radiation
LED lamps turn on instantly (reaching full brightness immediately). CFLs tend to have a
warm-up period which may range from a few seconds to over a minute.
No wasted time or electricity
LED lamps can be used in colder temperatures than CFLs
Effective in cold temperatures
LED lamps are typically far more robust than CFLs
Much less easily broken
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