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LED Stick - Starshine 0.5 M

Order Rigidbar Stick Series Starshine LED Light

1 Light source : 45 pcs high brightness SMD 3528 LED (Customized length available)
2 Aluminium channel as base and transparent PC cover, good heat conduction.
3 Inside constant current driver keeps stable current of the product and ensures the ability of the
products. Input Voltage -24vDC and 4W consumption.
4 Available color : White : Warm White.
5 Life time : More than 40,000 hours.
6 Working temperature :- 200C to 400 C degrees. IP20 protection pure indoor application.
7 No gap connection design by using matched connectors.
8 Exquisite mounting clips was embedded in the back of the base. With the clips, the product can
be installed on the board snugly.
9 No buzzing noise, no fluorescent flickering.
10 Application : Show case lighting, shelf lighting, furniture lighting, under cabinet lighting, kitchen
cabinet lighting ,cove lighting ,accent lighting etc.
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