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Genii OptolightsThe strong team of professionals established GENII OPTOLIGHTS in april 2011 with the vision of lighting the world with good quality LED products. Mr Sandeep P. Dewan leads the team with firm determination, courage and knowledge to achieved a remarkable postion in the market. Our mission is to be the best in the eyes of our customers / competitors and to provide the best service of high quality products at the reasonable price. Our specialization is in the field of R&D, marketing and sales of LED products.

Honesty, the benchmark, our roadmap starts with and Sincerity which makes us the leading manufacturers of LED.

We appreciate and strive for your enquiries which will be treated carefully. At the same time, You will be impressed by our superior quality products, quick delivery date and excellent service.

“Our Core Values”

1 Get manufactured and supply only premium quality products.
2 Be honest , conscientious and co orperative.
3 We emphasis on competent people, with expecting them to grow up together with the company.
4 Be practical & realistic, face the existing and assume our responsibility.
5 Embrace reformation and advocate innovation.
6 We care the outcome since we understand what we pay today is what we get tomorrow.
7 Pursue in simple mode.
8 Try our best to help customers.
9 Accumulate each progress.
10 Implement and accomplish is our attitude towards task.
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